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SynergiCare Immediate Repair is the exclusive treatment for dry and damaged hair, that, thanks to the active ingredients of Phyto Keramix, Wheat Protein, Olive Oil, Trace Elements, Ceramides, and Vitamin E, strengthens roots and rebuilds hair fiber. The main element in the formula is Phyto Keramix, a unique mixture of protein hydrolysates made from wheat, corn and soya that creates links between the phytokeratin and the keratin in hair, creating a structure which can strengthen it. These proteins build, strengthen and revitalize hair and are highly protective, helping repair split ends and damage to the cuticles caused by particularly aggressive treatments.

  • PHYTO KERAMIX, unique blend of hydrolyzed proteins from wheat, corn and soy that creates crossed links amid phytokeratins and hair keratin, building an armored structure. They are a great protection and contribution in repairing split ends. They reinforce and regenerate the hair

  • WHEAT PROTEIN are well recognized for their strengthening and conditioning properties, providing protection to scalp and hair fibers, and softness and silkiness to hair. Also, they have efficient reinforcing and antioxidant properties, restraining the development of free radicals.

  • OLIVE OIL is a powerful antioxidant and reconstituent. It nourishes the hair, improves strength and suppleness, and contributes to curtail the strain that hair undertakes. Hair is thicker and easy to comb, the scalp is cleansed and healthier.

  • OLIGOELEMENTS substances that even in very small quantities are essential for the correct physiological functioning. Restoring these elements through cosmetic treatments that contain them helps keep a good structure and the correct level of hydration of the hair. The hair will look vigorous and glossy.

  • VITAMIN E helps protect the structure of the hair, fighting the attacks that hair undertakes daily (aggressive chemical treatments, pollution, UV rays). The result is a healthier and brighter look.

  • CERAMIDES represent the basic constituent for the structure of cells and hair, and their capability of repairing and protecting damaged hair from aggressive processes, pollution and UV rays, makes them particularly suitable within restructuring treatments. Furthermore, Ceramides ensure the best level of moisture to the hair structure, with the result of stronger and resistant hair, easy to comb.

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